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Our online file type detector to determines the true file type based on the file contents, not the extension. For example, just because your file is named "file.doc" it doesn't necessarily mean it's a Word document. It could be any type of file that just has an incorrect extension.

The extension of a file can be misleading since its simply part of the name of the file. If you take an ".gif" file and rename it to ".doc" your operating system can be confused on which application should open the document.

DetectFileType allows you to upload a file and analyze the bits and bytes of it to tell you what is the true filetype of your document.

We can provide additional details about some documents such as details for image files such as jpeg and png. For example, a png file can give results like "PNG image data, 262 x 296, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced". This gives the type fo the file, the pixel sizes, color bits, and whether it is interlaced.

In additon to the file type and suggested extensions we also give the MIME Type as a convenience to those who need it for their programs.